Business loan
  • Annual interest rate from 0.35%
  • It takes up to 10 minutes to complete the application form
  • You will be notified of the outcome within 1 business day
  • Business loan is issued within 48 hours of signing of documents
  • Average return on investment 10%
  • Investor consultations
  • Debt collection monitoring capability

Newest investment offers

UAB "Vytkana"

100 % financed

20 000.00 € / 20 000.00 €
13% 24 m
In detail

UAB VYTKANA is a joint team of professionals that helps to effectively solve all issues related to the storage, loading, and customs clearance of transported goods. Financing is needed for renting a warehouse, purchasing equipment and goods.

Taksrenta, MB

100 % financed

10 000.00 € / 10 000.00 €
12% 24 m
In detail

A car rental company is looking for financing. The money will be used to set up their own service, where they will repair their cars. Having a service will reduce the cost of car repairs.

Lauveta, UAB

100 % financed

20 000.00 € / 20 000.00 €
12% 36 m
In detail

Funding is needed to cover supply costs for a company that has been in business for over 26 years. A company with a veterinary clinic and a specialized pet store ( invested part of its money in the renovation of real estate in 2022, so it is currently looking for financing that will make it easier to pay with suppliers and order more goods at better prices.

How does
FinoMark work?

    You choose the loan amount and term you need and apply for a business loan.
    As borrowers, you are directly connected with investors on the market. Investors themselves choose to invest in your business and what part of the loan to invest.
    After the project is successfully financed on the market, you, the Borrower, get a business loan on the most favorable terms and a guarantee from investors that not only you, but also they believe in your business.
    You choose which loan and what part of it to finance, and you get a return on investment each month from a growing client business.

Loan map

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