Business loan
  • Annual interest rate from 0.35%
  • It takes up to 10 minutes to complete the application form
  • You will be notified of the outcome within 1 business day
  • Business loan is issued within 48 hours of signing of documents
  • Average return on investment 10%
  • Investor consultations
  • Debt collection monitoring capability

Newest investment offers

Valdoreta, UAB

59.68 % financed

14 921.15 € / 25 000.00 €
13 d. 10 h 18 min
12% 6 m
In detail

The company Valdoreta, UAB, which has been operating for 22 years, is engaged in forest cutting and clearing, wood chopping for biofuel, biofuel production. Cargo transportation by dump truck, local routes. One of the tasks is to provide quality and fast customer service. Companies work with large market buyers and have long-term contracts with buyers. For this day, they make large purchases of raw materials and prepare for the shedding season. He has contracts with buyers who will need a large amount of biofuel already in October.

Kemas, UAB

49.61 % financed

19 843.79 € / 40 000.00 €
12 d. 9 h 57 min
11% 36 m
In detail

The hardwood wholesale company seeks to increase its existing warehouse in order to be able to quickly respond to the demand for wood and sell goods directly from the warehouse. The resulting investment will increase purchases, which will increase the opportunity to sell to existing and new business partners. It will increase competitiveness in the region.

Draugų darbai, MB

65.6 % financed

9 840.22 € / 15 000.00 €
12 d. 9 h 8 min
13% 3 m
In detail

The construction company, which has been operating since 2020, undertakes increasingly large projects with strong market clients. Funding is needed to allow the company to cover the cost of running materials and start work until the customers pay for the work. The customer has a contract.

How does
FinoMark work?

    You choose the loan amount and term you need and apply for a business loan.
    As borrowers, you are directly connected with investors on the market. Investors themselves choose to invest in your business and what part of the loan to invest.
    After the project is successfully financed on the market, you, the Borrower, get a business loan on the most favorable terms and a guarantee from investors that not only you, but also they believe in your business.
    You choose which loan and what part of it to finance, and you get a return on investment each month from a growing client business.

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