• Average return on investment 10%
  • Debt collection monitoring capability
  • Different types of collateral
  • Short loan period

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Loans granted

4 199 500€

Weighted average interest rate


Financed projects


Percentage of loans terminated


Amount of interest received

207 893€
The investment calculator is used to calculate the expected investment result on the FinoMark platform. The estimated value of the investment cannot be interpreted as the highest or lowest return on investment over the selected period. The returns in the spreadsheet do not guarantee future results and are not based on real returns in the financial markets. Please note that investing involves risk. The value of an investment can both decrease and increase during the investment period. Past results do not guarantee future results.
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Newest investment offers

UAB "Quality Development"

51.77 % financed

31 060.92 € / 60 000.00 €
12 d. 0 h 23 min
10% 36 m
In detail

Quality development (F8) activities wholesale and retail sale of clothes of famous brands. Loan funds are needed for the opening (equipment and purchase of goods) of a new store in Vilnius (BIG shopping center).

City domus, UAB

43.62 % financed

43 615.04 € / 100 000.00 €
9 d. 9 h 24 min
10% 36 m
In detail

The main activity of "City domus", UAB is vacationers and other short-term accommodation activities. Funds are needed for the plot Valakupių st. 4, Vilnius for purchase.

UAB Hitto Baltic

53.67 % financed

64 398.14 € / 120 000.00 €
7 d. 8 h 32 min
10% 36 m
In detail

The activity of UAB Hitto baltic is real estate development. Financing is needed to buy a new plot of land in Kalvių village, Klaipėda district.

Malorija, UAB

100 % financed

45 000.00 € / 45 000.00 €
Financed within 9 d. 19 h 48 min
11% 36 m
In detail

Balsių campa (UAB Malorija) in the Anykščiai district develops the activities of recreation camps for children and youth. Funding is needed to upgrade existing equipment and install new entertainment areas.

Transportluka, MB

100 % financed

10 000.00 € / 10 000.00 €
Financed within 7 h 31 min
12% 36 m
In detail

The activities of the Transportluka company are heavy-duty transport services. FINANCING funds are needed to replenish working capital.


100 % financed

100 000.00 € / 100 000.00 €
Financed within 21 h 3 min
12% 12 m
In detail

UAB MINISO LT is a franchise-based company. Opened the first store in Lithuania (CUP in Vilnius). The funds will be used for the construction of a new store in Latvia.



Click the LOGIN button in the right corner of the webpage and log in using one of the following login methods. And if you don't already have an account on the FinoMark crowdfunding platform, click the REGISTER button and continue with the account verification steps.

The FinoMark platform aims to be attractive and accessible not only to experienced but also to novice investors, therefore, the minimum investment amount is only EUR 25.

Yes, of course. You can do this by logging in to your personal account, selecting Profile Settings from the profile menu, and filling in the legal entity information at the bottom and saving afterwards. Then switch your account to the company you created next to the profile menu and continue the process of verification of your legal entity account. After confirming the account and linking the NEO Finance account of the legal entity with the FinoMark platform, you will be able to successfully invest in selected projects.

The main measures of collateral applied by the FinoMark platform include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • surety of natural persons;

  • surety of legal entities;

  • pledge of real estate with a primary mortgage;

  • pledge of the property complex with a primary mortgage;

  • pledge of transport/machinery/equipment with primary mortgage.

Collateral and its scope depend on the value of the project, credit rating and other criteria. You will see the collateral for a specific project that is funded by the market in the list of the market; they will be marked with special icons with explanations

Automated investment functionality allows an investor to pre-set one or more investment rules. If a project turns up on the marketplace that meets the criteria spaced in the saved rule(s), then the system will automatically invest in that project. The investor does not need to log into their account and confirm the investment. The platform will reserve the amount of money specified by the investor until the project is fully funded.


Interest rate

Unweighted (the amount of the issued loan is not taken into account) average interest rates on projects issued per month.

Total investors portfolio size

Total amount of all investors‘ portfolios.

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