FinoMark platform statistics

The data on the statistics page is updated every month.
Information updated at 2023-03-06 12:00

Loans issued

4 199 500.00 €

Amount of credit received

932 290.71 €

Amount of interest received

207 893.44 €

Weighted average interest rate

11.17 %

Average loan term

30.45 m

Average loan amount

22 337.77 €

Number of loans issued


Number of terminated credits


Percentage of loans terminated

5.32 %

Number of borrowers

Accumulated (total) number of project owners on the platform and number of new project owners each month.

Application rate

Percentage of loans issued out of all applications received

Number of loans by forms of guarantee

A loan can be guaranteed in more than one form.

The number of loans by the amount of collateral forms

The number of loan projects with a specific number of collateral form.

Guarantees of all forms are included - pledges of natural and legal persons, property complexes, etc. In such cases, where the loan is guaranteed by two or more natural / legal persons, it is considered to be guaranteed by different forms of collateral.

Default rate

Percentage of terminated loans compared to the total loans issued

Amount of loans issued by delay

Number of issued loans by delay

Amount of loans issued by FinoMark rating

Number of issued loans by FinoMark rating

Total amount of issued loans

Total amount of all issued projects (loans)

Number of investors

Accumulated (total) number of investors on the platform and number of new investors joined each month.

Interest rate

Unweighted (the amount of the issued loan is not taken into account) average interest rates on projects issued per month.

Total interest received

The total amount of interest received by all investors

Total investors portfolio size

Total amount of all investors‘ portfolios.
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